An in-depth project built in 2013, consisting of 4 interactive kiosks in a tower structure housed in the Purdue University Welcome Center until 2019.
The Kiosk tower is comprised of eight 42" displays, in which the four lower screens were touch activated. Each bank of 2 vertical screens presented a different informational experience pertaining to special events or campaigns within the university. The four initial kiosk banks were: Purdue Moves, Campus Events, Five Students Who, and Boiler Bytes. Additionally each bank could have its contents changed throughout the year depending on what information needed to be marketed.
For this project I managed the content designs, database schemas, development and implementation of the first 4 kiosk banks as well well and the hardware specifications for the project. The initial project took 18 months to complete and continued to server as a central information hub for marketing to Purdue visitors for 6 years.
In 2013 Purdue Marketing and Media won a Best in Show Award in the category of "Electronic: Out-of-Home, Interior Animation" by the American Advertising Federation of North Central Indiana.

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